About five years ago I met a gentleman who owned a beer bar close to my home town. I was told he was quite a character by my industry friends, but I never imagined the night I was about to have when I finally met him. Unfortunately for you my dear readers the story is irrelevant to what this story is about except for the fact I learned a whiskey term I was unfamiliar with prior to meeting this seasoned alcohol industry vet. SUGAR SHINE! Some of my more knowledgeable readers probably know what this is, but for those of you new to the term (like I was 5 years ago) it is in its simplest terms moonshine. The difference between Sugar Shine and most White Dogs is it’s made with sugar as the base instead of corn. There are many recipes for concocting this type of White Lightning, but I will refrain from divulging any because I wouldn’t want to contribute to the delinquency of anyone rubbing their hands together having learned there is an easier route to making this clear alcoholic delicacy. The reason I have included this in my blog is for three very important reasons:
1) It’s a fun fact for my readers learning the category
2) Moonshine is the starting point of making bourbon, which makes it relevant to my blog
3) So everyone will stop asking me what my license plate stands for πŸ˜‰