Angel’s Share Magazine’s Local Bourbon Bar Spotlight:

Paper Plane
72 South 1st Street
San Jose, CA 95113
(408) 713-2625
Open everyday at 4:30pm

Paper Plane is a cocktail bar to rival all cocktail bars. This is a popular spot to hit up for late night hand-crafted masterpieces.
Classy without being pretentious, the vibe is bustling but chill. The artisan-style cocktails crafted with care are the highlight of
this establishment. Paper Plane is the perfect place to meet up with friends for a drink or several. The menu is small, but well prepared
and the food is intended to pair with your drinks. All great reasons to give this place a try, but ASM’s reason is their
vast Bourbon selection! This was a spot we chose to give the title“Great Bourbon Bar”.

We spoke with Paper Plane’s Bar Manager Patrick Braga about their bar, and what exactly categorizes them as a “Great Bourbon
ASM: How many Bourbons do you have on your back bar?
Patrick: 134 bourbons
ASM: What is the best Bourbon you offer?
Patrick: A.H. Hirsch Reserve 16 Year Old Straight Bourbon
ASM: How many Bourbon Cocktails are on the Menu?
Patrick: 4
ASM: What is the Best Bourbon Cocktail you currently offer?
Patrick: The best selling bourbon cocktail on our current menu is
called Frontier Justice. It combines Bourbon, Tawny Port,
Strawberry Jam and Lemon.
Old Fashioned are always popular as well, even though we’ve
never had it on a menu.
ASM: What do you feel makes this a great bourbon bar?
Patrick: Paper Plane is a great Bourbon bar because we have a
great appreciation for it and love to share our passion with of our
guests. Our carefully curated selection means that we have the
right Bourbon for everybody whether you are new to the category,
looking for an everyday dram or celebrating and after a rare and
hard to find bottle.